To any readers from south of the border, over the Welsh one or over the water in Northern Ireland.

We up here in Scotland are really embarrassed by the childish behaviour of some of our MP's in Westminster today. As a Scot, albeit a fairly Vikingish one, all I can say is sorry on behalf of some of my fellow country people for their completely gormless behaviour. Only 36.9% of the votes cast, and 24.4% of eligible electorate wanted this useless bunch in the 2017 general election, so its far from representational of us up here. Please don't think we are all as childish as this gang.

I thought that when "Fat Angus" lost his seat, that we could portray a better image in the House of Commons. Alas, we now have "Fat Ian" who as well as trying to follow in Angus's footsteps in terms of shirt collar size, is also trying to keep up the image that all us Scots have no manners or ability to follow protocols.

Please don't think we are all like that. Its quite nice up hear. Really