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Thread: False Allegations.

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    Default False Allegations.

    This was last year but what do people think of this?
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    Only slightly more up to date than the last news item in the section "Doanalsins Diary"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mik.M. View Post
    This was last year but what do people think of this?
    Making these false allegations was not a very nice thing to do. There have been a number of proven false rape allegations in the press in the past year, including:

    Not only can it cause trouble for the men they accuse, but it could lead to people (such as people serving on juries) not believing genuine victims leading to further miscarriages of justice.

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    In each of the cases you have linked to above, the innocent men are either named (in 3 of the links) or described with the potential for identification in the 4th link. These guys should have the protection of anonymity, just the same as if it were the other way round.

    It happens even here in Orkney -

    In that case, noone was falsely accused, but 80,000 of police time was wasted.

    If nothing else, it serves as a reminder that there should not be an automatic presumption that the woman is innocent whilst the man is guilty.

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    No wonder she falsely accused 15 men of rape. Would you sleep with it?
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