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Thread: Conservation area thurso

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    Default Conservation area thurso

    Looking for some advice.

    I need to replace a small piece of roof approx 1m x 3m on a bay window. The tiles are damaged and water is getting into my living room .

    The main roof was replaced by the previous owners and I want to use the same slate on the bay window.

    I rang the council today to run it by them hoping/assuming they would just tell me to get on with the work but they said I need to do a full planning application because I am within the conservation area....seems crazy for such a small "alteration" and I see people making changes to houses within the conservation area and when I search on the highland council planning website they haven't made any application, the only changes that I can find are for listed buildings.

    I could only only speak with a planner in Inverness and they wouldn't give me a number or pass me through to Wick to speak to someone local.

    Has anybody else had a similar situation and are people putting planning applications in for such maintenance projects?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Hello Thurso man I do lots of work in conservation areas and on listed building if you're just repairing like for like with no change to the look of the building there is no need for a planning application if the building is listed its advised to contact your local building conservation officer and he will tell you if you need to get planning if you speak to the council they will always say get planning they like to make life difficult and if someone makes a fuss you just ask forgiveness and get retrospective planning application but you are fully within your rights to repair any part of your building with out the council sticking there nose in so long as finished product looks the same as before

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