• As an Avon Representative you work for yourself. You receive earnings on your sales and how much you sell is entirely up to you.

• If you would like to earn extra money every 3 weeks why not find out more?

How much could I earn?

That's up to you. Avon produces 18 brochures a year so there's plenty of opportunity to sell. That's a different brochure every 3 weeks, so you've always got fresh new products to talk about.

If you place an order over £160, you'll earn roughly £1 for every £4 your customers spend. If you place an order below £160 and above a specified minimum order value currently £87, you'll earn roughly £1 for every £5 your customers spend.

Why join Avon?

Meet new people It's a great way of getting to know your neighbours and make a whole new social life for yourself.

Special discounts When you become a Representative you can buy Avon products for yourself at discounted prices.

Name dropping! Avon is a huge global company with an established and well known brand.

Our career ladder There are always opportunities to progress at every level.

Our products With a reputation for quality and value plus a lot of loyal customers, Avon products seem to sell themselves!

What help will I get?

When you join, Avon offer training and support to get you started. You will be part of a Representative group managed by a Leader, Area Sales Manager or both.

Rewards and bonuses Top-selling Representatives become members of Avon's exclusive President's Club. Benefits include extra discounts, free gifts, special recognition dinners, lunch with the President of Avon UK and luxury trips abroad for the Top 50 Representatives in the UK.

Our Representative website You will have access to a website designed especially to help you sell and succeed.

How much does it cost?

To get started…nothing! There is a £16 registration fee but this is split over your first 2 brochures and deducted from your earnings.

When you become a Representative, Avon give you a business pack to get started. This includes all your basics - brochures, a selling guide, calling book (to record your customers' details) and stationery.

You don't need to buy any stock You can start selling directly from the brochures and you don't have to pay until you've delivered the products to your customers. You have the option to buy demonstration products to build your business if you like but Avon do not insist on it.