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Thread: Homes Under The Hammer

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    The detailed discussions the company I worked for had with the council was that it was not a requirement the buildings had to come down, it was a suggested option. They are fit for nothing else other than to come down with the exception of the games hall which is in a more than serviceable state.

    However, there was zero willingness to assist in this process from the council so I have a feeling that the property management side of the council is not talking to whatever other party in the council it is supposed to. Not only were these discussions in writing over several months but also during 3 detailed on site viewings which I accompanied two of, where there were also a great deal of questions asked and answered at the time.

    The buildings to come down are the big drawback with that site. Either way I hope something is done with it soon as it looks shocking left in its current state, especially for all of the residents who live beside it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Fernie View Post
    You do not appear to have much understanding of the process or the difficulties we overcame to get all our schools built along with a huge investment into Wick. The costs are what they are and Scottish government have not expressed any reservations and a large part of the capital came from them. Many new buildings have teething problems to be fixed and the contractors are the ones who have to fix any deficiencies. I have not heard anyone apart from your self call it an abomination. The teachers I have spoken to are all very happy with the new facilities. Replacing 4 primary schools and the high school all in the same town at about the same time is unprecedented in Scotland I think and was to give Wick and indeed Caithness an injection of capital to help improve many aspects of living in our county. I hope you can at least appreciate that the improvements came and all of us would wish they could have some sooner.
    Don't rise to it, you did a grand job and the pupils and town will always have gratitude for how hard you fought to get it.

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    I think that the plans for the new school should have included an exit strategy for the old one. Perhaps demolition of the former site along the lines of what was done at Inverness Royal Academy. I was pleased to see that the older building in the Crown area of Inverness (two IRa’s ago) is being turned into a centre for arts. If the school is withdrawn from auction, I’d sooner not see it be left to fall down. The residents of the street don’t deserve that.

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