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Thread: Recycling at Christmas

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    Default Recycling at Christmas

    Recycling these days is quite complicated, even after studying the Council's website, washing everything is obvious but then there's adding lids separately and squashing plastic bottles; I've never managed the latter. Removing windows from envelopes is also pretty fiddly.

    One thing I can't see is what to do with present wrapping paper. I'm sure I was told once this couldn't be recycled, presumably because of the way it's treated, but then recently I was told that it's the sellotape which is the problem. So can we recycle it if we remove all the sellotape?

    Also cards - can be recycled unless they have glitter or plastic decorations. Is that right?
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    The biggest problem is glass, how do HC expect an old biddy to recycle glass when the skips for it are in the town centre? but yeah, lets all recycle and get Highland Council up from a poor 5% to a massive 6% of it's target...y'know, the target that it's NEVER met!. A fair chunk of what we "recycle" goes straight into landfill, i've seen skipfuls of cardboard and loads of broken pallets put straight into landfill at Seater or used to soak up and bolster the dirt track up to the site working point. There was a plan to open a WEEE depot here in Caithness with SEPA fully supporting it and bending over backwards to help but no, Highland Council didn't want one and stated categorically that there were no premises anywhere in Caithness suitable for, or for a change of use to a WEEE centre. So much for their recycling policies.

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