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Thread: Salt Herring

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    Default Salt Herring

    Does anyone know anyone who does buckets of salt herring. They seem to be near impossible to get hold of now. If possible would prefer them packed in salt, the old fashioned way rather than brine.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jock Sutherland [Canadian Jock] Lybster used to do them a while back not sure if he still does. Sorry I don't know his phone number but anyone in Lybster would point you in the right direction.

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    I seen salt herring for sale corner shop 19 Princess St. Thurso( Enjoy)

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    Colin Mackay's fish shop had salt herring today. The way I understand that herring were preserved was that they were packed in barrels with layers of salt between the layers of fish. The interaction of the fish juices and the salt produced the brine. The barrels were left for few days and as the fish cured they shrank so the brine that was produced during this process was then drained off and the space that was left was topped up with more fish.
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    Hi All

    Thanks for your replies. I used to always get them from Canadian Jock but as far as I am aware he sadly no longer does it.

    Thanks Hilary, I will give them a ring tomorrow 😁.

    Grumpyhippo, you are abslolutely right, myself and my sister used to do it ourselves many many years ago. Sadly some are using a salt brine now from the off rather than packing in layers of salt as is the traditional way which creates its own brine.

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