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Thread: Editing posts

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    Default Editing posts

    Can't see the "edit" button on forum posts.

    Well I can on this one but I can't see it on the "Music" forum.
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    What's it with this forum and editing posts using a mobile device, that 100% of the time causes the post you are editing to be deleted? OS is Android, and the past, I assumed I was clumsily pressing the post delete button. But today, I was very diligent to leave the delete button alone, and head for the Save Changes button. Result? Post deleted.

    Any ideas admin? (apart from citing those that would rather my posts were deleted anyway!)

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    No ideas Admin?

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    I've not been able to replicate what is happening to you.

    If you are using the mobile version of the forum, try the full site option by using the link at the bottom of the page.

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    Yes, that works, but a bit more cumbersome on a small screen.

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