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Thread: Where have all the Westminater /unionist flag waves gone

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    Default Where have all the Westminater /unionist flag waves gone

    What's happened to the unionist and Westminster flag waves ,surely they ain't up for the new Red ,white and blue flag rollout . The new ones have logos such as Abuser, groomer, touch me up, Say nothing and keep your job,and "A nice place to warm my hands" they can now join the old set which had Molester, Thief, Conman( or women) lLiar, and of course Unionist. Sick one and all . I don't hear their supporters shouting now. Let's see how many will put their name to this one. . .

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    dozy can you please explain i cant understand one word your are saying . speaking in riddles or maybe i am dozy

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    Now the Westminster brainwashing is complete as their supporters have all gone " three monkeys" . It would be sad if they weren't so vile. Blind men Can't see ,Evil ones just don't want to .

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    Haven't you got another update for us yet? I am surprised.

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    still dont understand dozy stop talking in riddles and as we say up here spit out

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