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Thread: Looking the wrong way

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    Default Looking the wrong way

    We have been told that the Russians have been involved in the USA election of Trump when there's much more truth in the Russian money men being involved in the Brexit vote. The Tories have for years made London the save place to launder billions and buy up rows of multi million pound homes and leave them empty . Now we have the Tory government roaring about sexual abuse in Parlaiment as a distraction to what it's really up to . The abuse of anyone for whatever reason the perpetrators give can never be defended and must be rooted out. But for a government to use that as a smoke screen to cover what nasty stuff their up to is contemptible. To many folk can or don't want to look into what is reall happening in politics. Ain't it funny how after all this time and what we all knew to what Parlaiment was like it's NOW that it's come to light . All this media shouting is to divert your eyes from what is the nasty party is really up to .

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    If the Russians somehow were involved in the last Presidential election in America, than that took place under Obama's watch. Trump was only inaugurated as president a couple of months after this election.

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