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Thread: Fascist governments line up to show support of Spainsh GovernmentThe pesants

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    Default Fascist governments line up to show support of Spainsh GovernmentThe pesants

    Funny how fascism is alive and well and finding support at the core of the EU and how quick the Westminster nasty crew jumped onboard. They point the finger at those farther east as the ones that would crush democracy but here they are loud and proud doing that same thing . Choice is no long allow unless the powers that be say so, even your vote is gained through Fear.. We all hate to think that we are cowards or just afraid ,but that's what we are "Cowards". It's a slippery slop to hell and war if we follow the Westminster way. The pesants are revolting ,well that's what are are told. Get ready to stand in line for a new eight figure tattoo, free train ride anyone. Chioce is a fundamental right and we should all defend it ,that's what all those folk that fell in the Wars fought for. If you support those who seek to crush Catalonia , Don't wear a poppy as you would do those how fell a disservice. Shame on the conservative and unionist parties .
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    When do we attack?

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    When the thought police are on holiday, and we have extra sun cream ( lager shandy flavour) . Freedom for Tooting. ( but not on Saturday ,the footie is on)

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