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Thread: Highlands Recruitment

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    Default Highlands Recruitment

    Good Morning Everyone

    I wanted to gather your thoughts on something, from both business and the general public who may be job seekers.

    Over the last few years there has been a lot in the press from different organisations about the difficulties in recruiting for various posts, across several industries within the Highlands, down to the perceived lack of services or geography. Some of this may be a way of them getting out of filling posts, but on a whole I would like to think they are being genuine in their assertions.

    Do you think a recruitment agency who is dedicated to selling the Highlands, would be a good idea?

    A recruitment service, from the Highlands, serving the Highlands and more importantly who understands the Highlands and is able to massively sell it as an excellent place to live and work as one if its core founding values. A recruitment service who would be able to recruit across a range of different industries from hospitality to retail, construction to engineering and professional services.

    In addition would it be beneficial to have a recruitment service who is able to supply quality temporary staff to all of these industries from small businesses to large? Is there not a big call for temporary staff in the area because they are not needed or because it isn't a service that is easily accessible, especially in the industries which would have a need to use these services most, hospitality across the off season months springs to mind where there may be a demand for short term staff for functions or random peak off season trading times, where they may not retain permanent staff normally over these periods?

    Before moving forwards with anything I really wanted to gather some thoughts on it so I can understand the feeling a bit better, not only from businesses from the general public as well.

    If anyone would like to private message their thoughts that would be great too.

    Many thanks in advance 😊.

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    If a Highland recruitment agency was economically viable then I would say we need all the help we can get. Go for it. Thank you for posting your positive idea and I wish you success.


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    I have to agree with janeyj, it would be a brilliant idea. Good luck and keep us all posted
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    as far as i know there are already a few agencies operating up here plus Blargoans do too i think. As for agencies in general, i'm not impressed with them nor will i work for one again as i have been shafted by all the ones i previously worked for (none round here btw) from short wages, incorrect amounts paid into the bank, hours missing, the "there's no work today but don't accept another offer for work as there may be something else come in later" and the ultimate one was tax and NI deducted by the agency but it wasn't paid to HMRC and they went bust so HMRC came after me. Took a long time to remedy that one i can tell you. Agencies in my book are ok for someone who just wants the odd days work to fill the time but are no better than zero-hour contracts and with no guarantee of a job or regular pay i find them pointless. They are just a way for a middleman to get rich off both the company using them and the people they employ. Companies save money by not having to pay tax/NI/pension etc and just pay a flat rate to the agency who then take their fat share and pay the NMW to the employee. The agency that i worked for that went bust were charging the company 16 an hour for HGV drivers and only paying the drivers 8.50 an hour, not bad earnings for a few phone calls.

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    Hi All

    Thank you for your replies and for the support shown.

    Shaggy, I wanted to address some of your concerns in particular as I absolutely understand where you are coming from. Having worked for agencies in the past, further south rather than locally, I agree with many of the points that you have made.

    I am aware of the other agencies which operate in the area, however, I have only found Blargoans to be one which is solely concentrating on the area. There are a couple of others in Manpower which is predominantly BT based and is UK wide and Morson International which mainly focuses on Dounreay with a clue in the International name.

    It is always difficult when you are relying on a position as your full time working income and it is very variable in whether there is work available from day-to-day or not. The temporary staff part of the business is effectively a secondary part of the business and would only be launched once we have clients in place to sustain it, and by not over recruiting we should be able to find a decent balance for temporary staff. I do not foresee us stopping people from sourcing other jobs and I believe it would actually be illegal for us to operate in that way. There are some strict guidelines which recruitment agencies have to adhere to around that area and many others. The ideal situation is the agency has the work available to meet your needs.

    I get you on the Tax and NI situation. I was recently caught up in that with a local business that I worked for who had not paid any tax or NI for their staff although they were deducting it, and then going out of business which has left an ongoing mess. I just have to put that down to the possibility of it happening anywhere whether with a recruitment business or a normal employer.

    I guess we will disagree on the terms of a middle man getting rich as I do not see it that way, but I do get how it looks on the surface. For temporary staff an agency has to pay the minimum wage or more which includes the tax and NI which is directed and paid to HMRC (when they actually pay it, which you have had a bad experience of), however, they also have to take into account employers income tax contributions, holiday pay and sickness pay which is over and above the rate you see on your payslip. Companies do not save money but not having to pay NI/Tax/Pension etc as you can be assured the agency is charging any of the costs of that back to the client. It is mainly used to assist in periods of increased demand or to cover the sickness/holidays etc of their own staff. As with all businesses, they are ultimately there to make a profit, with a standard markup normally being around 30% over and above the hourly rate the employee is paid, however this could be significantly higher depending on location and how difficult that post will be to fill, such as requiring people with certain licences or qualifications, which may be the case for HGV/PCV drivers, construction workers who require tickets for specific plant, etc. It is also usually more work than a few phone calls as there is a fair bit of work that needs to be put in by the agency with any potential employer who is seeking to engage their services and quite a bit to manage that moving forwards. But as with anything some roles need more time spent on them and some much less.

    I hope that gave you a little bit of information from an agencies point of view for the few parts we disagree on.

    As shall hopefully keep you up to date as things progress and please feel free to provide any further ideas or feedback as they are much appreciated.

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    I will never work for an agency again they offer what seems like good wages until you find out you need to pay a payroll company to get your wages then pay your NI , tax then pay company nation insurance on top you loose about 33% of your income before you get it . Then there's the lack of employment rights poor treatment of agency workers inc having to pay for ppe that should be free

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    Hi Sgitheanach

    I am sorry that you feel that way, it would seem like you have a really bad experience.

    Most agencies do not work in the way you are referring to. In your case, you would have been on a self employed basis, where most agencies work on an employed basis where you are an employee, your tax and NI is deducted from your top line hourly rate and paid by the company. You also wouldn't need to pay company NI or engage a payroll company and you would have full employment rights as an employee.

    Some companies provide PPE, however my view on it is that it should be covered by the employee. If you work in a professional job, admin job etc, you need to wear suitable clothing which you pay for yourself so that should be across the board.

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    Where might this be based?

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    If that is a question to me Bogbrush, it would be Caithness based.

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    I think Scotrail recruit through Blue Arrow

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