I'd like to offer my trusty old Zanussi oven to a new home - in particular a charity or anyone who badly needs a new oven who can't afford one.

The oven is about 12 years old but works fine - has a top element plus grill, plus bottom element. Works as a conventional oven plus also works as a fan oven. The fan is making a bit of a noise but still works OK. I've replaced it as we wanted a double oven unit.

This is a built-in single oven and will need a suitable unit to live in. It has a brushed stainless steel finish.

Power requirements are not huge and standard 2.5mm T&E cable is more than adequate. (Less than 13A load).

I am happy to deliver to or arrange pick up from the West Caithness/Thurso area.

Please let me know if interested, thanks.