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Thread: Advice about bats!

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    Default Advice about bats!

    I think I have bats living in the roof of my shed, we have found what we think are bat droppings outside on the boiler vent but we haven't seen any bats yet. Any help or advice about what to do or if there is somebody to get in touch with for information

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    Scotland's Wildlife:Bats and people

    Bats and the law

    All bats and their roosts are protected by law.All bats are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and by the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994.Is an offence to:
    • intentionally or deliberately kill, injure or capture (take) a bat
    • deliberately disturb a bat (whether in a roost or not)
    • damage, destroy or obstruct access to a bat roost
    • possess or transport a bat or any part of a bat, unless acquired legally
    • sell, barter or exchange a bat, or any part of a bat

    It is a legal requirement to consult Scottish Natural Heritage before you do anything that might affect bats or their roosts. This might include:
    • blocking, filling, or installing grilles over old mines or tunnels
    • building, alteration or maintenance work
    • getting rid of unwanted bat colonies
    • removing hollow trees
    • re-roofing
    • remedial timber treatment
    • rewiring or plumbing in roofs
    • treatment of wasps, bees or cluster flies.

    Remember that because bats return to the same places every year, a bat roost is protected even if there are no bats there.The law allows you to tend disabled bats, kill seriously injured ones and disturb bats in the living area of a house. This means that if you have bats in your house, unless they are in the living area itself, you should consult SNH before taking any action which would disturb the bats or affect their roost. The living area means those parts of the house which are in continual occupation, i.e. it excludes the loft/attic space unless this area has been converted into bedrooms, or other habitable space.Some of the above activities, including disturbing or any attempt to remove the bats, may be legitimately undertaken under the terms of a licence issued either by SNH or the Scottish Executive, depending on the specific circumstances. Activities such as catching, ringing or photographing bats can be licensed by SNH provided they are for scientific, educational or conservation reasons.This explanation should be regarded only as a guide to the law. For further details, refer to Sections 9-11, 16-27 and 69 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and to Regulations 39-41 and 44-46 of the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994.

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    Thank you. looks like they there to stay then.

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    Had bats nesting under the eaves in a wooden house in Pennyland Estate, been there for years. The babies regularly exercise down towards the Glebe, they are a joy to watch.
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    We have Common Pipistrelle bats (the usual ones to have) using the underside of our flat porch roof as a maternity roost. They exit via the tiny gap between the barge board and the wall. They are a joy to watch and we don't even have to go outside to see them, cause no trouble whatsoever and we enjoy taking part in the NBMP roost count each year and contributing towards knowledge about the national populations of bats. This year, the highest number counted was 84.There is also a 'bat group' up here and the countryside rangers hold bat events as well. Bats are incredible, fascinating animals and devour midges so nothing not to like and happy each year when we start to see them again in Spring after a long winter.

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    Thanks for the response everyone. I am still no further on if the bats are there or not I have sat out and watched the bats but didn't see if it emerged from my property or not, I will agree to say they are fascinating to watch my 5 year old was delighted

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    wee seen one at thurso river in the after noon flying about the kids were watching it flying about the bridge

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    Leave them is the law.
    It is probably a summer roosting spot!
    They will go to a cooler spot for winter where the temp is constant long as you don't intend to have work done while they are roosting ..they are OK housemates!
    Life is too short to spend it in beige underwear!

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