Hello, if you are or you know anyone who is interested in Magic the Gathering we run a group that meets once a month (sometimes more) on the second Friday night of the month in the communitiy room in Wick Tesco from 7pm-11pm

We welcome anyone who is interested if you are new, experianced or a returning player we can help teach you how to play.
We play at all levels social and competitive with lots of different formats (drafts, sealed, standard, modern, commander and others)

The Friday Night Magic (FNM) is supported through the games shop Elllerium Games in Inverness where we get nice promo cards for those who attend. We also get the Prerelease boxes for each new set.

Our Next event is the Hour Of Devastation Prerelease on the 8th of July and the FNM on the 14th of July.

For more information you can as to join this group here:

Also there is another group where Magic is played where there are a number of other tabletop wargames like Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar/board games/rpg/trading card games played that meet every Thursday 4:30pm-10pm More details can be found here: