hi, we have a cheap MotorTek quad for sale (300ovno).
starts with a jump, cause it needs a new battery, and the solenoid needs replacing, but other than that it's ideal for farm work, gardening, or just for having fun.
The story of this quad is, it was brought 8-9years ago for the boys to bomb about on, (across the fields and down the beach) but they have grown and flown the nest now so for past 4years it's sat in the garage doing nothing, but due to new hobbies, we need the space so it's gotta go.
Don't really know much about quads, so all I can tell you is, it's a large red and black quad, (so not for little children) I say this because we've had people tell us it's not big enough for what they need, trust me, this is an ex farm vehicle.
Any questions call 07804333293.

oh, and I do have it advertised else where, so if you want a bargain, grab it quick before it's gone.