Left bail breach partner "to face the consequences"

A SHERIFF criticised a Wick man as "a monumental pest" who keeps cropping up in cases he is not involved in.
Sheriff Andrew Berry was referring to Jason Crompton who visited his ex-partner Leanne Gammie at her home at 56 Macrae Street, Wick, on May 12.
Gammie was subjected to a curfew with a condition banning her from having any contact with Mr Crompton. Police making a curfew check, found the accused at her house and Mr Crompton attempting to hide behind a bed.
Gammie pleaded guilty to breaching the order and a record and had her case continued for two months to allow her to demonstrate she can behave.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald, said that Mr Crompton had called at Gammie's home and had been let in by her. However, she had no intention of seeing him again and pledged to abide by the court ban.
Sheriff Berry told Gammie, who appeared from custody: "Crompton turns up and you are left to face the consequences."