Conduct was "an utter betrayal of someone you were supposed to care for" - said sheriff
A WOMAN, packing her possessions after breaking up with her partner, came across a photo card and was shocked when she put it into her mobile phone.
For it contained clips of her in their bedroom, naked and engaged in sexual activity, filmed by her partner, Troy Bates, Wick Sheriff Court was told.
Bates, 47, admitted recording her without her knowledge or consent art ton occassions between January and July, 2015, and was jailed for 135 days.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson, describing the woman's reaction said: "She was disgusted by the private and intimate material recorded without her knowledge."
AN investigation carried out by the Cyber-Crime Division, revealed Bates placing the camera in the bedroom of their then home in Thorfinn Terrace, Thurso. He was subsequently traced to an address in Yorkshire and was detained.
Sheriff Andrew Berry described the offence as "an act of utter betrayal".He continued: "In this modern age it seems that anything goes...people sticking their noses into the lives of each other. What makes matter worse, is the fact you were secretly recording someone you were supposed to care about."
The sheriff made the point that the offence was no passing act, given the technical preparation involved and added: "It has to be made clear to you and anyone else, that there will be consequences for such behaviour."
In addition to the jail term, Bates, of Stafford Avenue, Barnsley, will be entered on the Sex Offenders Register.