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Thread: Ruth Daivdson , the new Lord Haw Haw.

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    Default Ruth Daivdson , the new Lord Haw Haw.

    Like Theresa Mays love struck puppy Ruth Davidson is now major cheerleader of the parasitic Tory party . She shouts on the airways like a enthusiastic Lord Haw Haw ,will to say anything and tell any lie that gets her what she wants. What she won't say is " where has all the money gone" . The Tories have more than double the national debt taken 12 billion from the disables ( added 40,000 plus to their death toll in a year) taken money from families,hospitals, schools, roads and much more , what's the total cost . The cost is measured in money by some but in lives lost by far to many, being rotten to the core is one thing but using the same tactics as paedophiles to gain votes and control is beyond the lowest of the low . Grooming,Fear and Saviour will wash with some but it's a sicking way to dupe people . We have had to first two ,now it's number three . One Tory stood up and said " I am the only one you can trust ,believe in me , you're safe with me and anything I do is for the best . It may hurt but it's for your own long term good , I have the answers you need". Arms out stretched " believe and trust me and me and me alone " . Shameful and dangerous . Would trust someone how had said this kind of stuff to your children.
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