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Thread: Government waste...

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    Default Government waste...

    Been in Caithness for a few days......
    First.......Nearly every Town and Village is Caithness has ........
    Approximately 8 signs on each side....
    e.g. Signs with 3 then 2 then 1 bars. Then usually 2 speed signs, and name signs on each side of the road=2, and sometimes with beautiful graphics. Some areas have another older sign which serves the purpose. 16(sixteen signs, some at hundreds of £'s.
    Berriedals Brae had an 800/600/400/200/100 yard signs and a go slow sign.

    And the area is cutting back on Hospitals and medical care? You could half/maybe quarter them and save many thousands of £'s. The further South you go the less signs.. perhaps someone do a Freedom of Information request to see the cost of signs over the past years.. That would tell you.

    I also noticed some quiet side roads newly tarred, and the main reads full of holes?

    Just an observation....

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    In times when everyone is talking about austerity I cant for the life of me understand why we would find it necessary to have signs in two languages, especially in Caithness that doesn't have a great affinity to Gaelic. When I am travelling I find it hard enough to follow where I need to go in one language let alone two.
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    trouble is though most people with SY plates that pay for the emergency services and the signs are the ones that totally ignore speed limits anyway..
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    Oh yes....the other language that no one understands....well nearly no one.
    More signs....
    But I do find that there are less signs in Sutherland and Ross shire...
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    The Highland Council has to find ways to waste money. If it isn't on new buildings which are useless it has to be on road signs.
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    Much of the sign posting at Inverness Airport is in Gaelic. If you look at the main door there is nothing but a language that no one understands.
    Also noticed that there are many Gaelic signs around Dingwall, in fact so many that one can be easily confused on the route to take. Spoke to several Duch motor cyclists who couldn't find their way thru the 'sign maze'. They said they could understand some English/Scottish but this totally confused them.
    Signs of progress......

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    Bilingual roadsigns weren’t instigated by the Highland Council, but by the first Labour/Lib-Dem administration in 2003, in the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act, which set out the status of the Gaelic language as an official language of Scotland, commanding equal respect to the English language”. It was then passed by the second Labour/Lib-Dem administration in 2005, and backed by the Tories.
    The Tories then stood for election on a manifesto in 2011 which said that the Scottish Tories “remain committed to the promotion of the Gaelic language and culture.

    It was also agreed that Gaelic names would only be added when signs were due for replacement, so the cost comes under the budget for roadsigns in general.

    So there you go.

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    Thank u for clarity.
    I feel there is nothing wrong with the promotion of Gaelic, it is this idea that 'suddenly' (10 years is quickly) the place is 'plastered) with a language that really no one understands. So, put into place in a methodical manner would be more appropriate. Teaching it will take many years.
    My Grandfather spoke the dialect and I remember a few swear words.
    I just find this whole sign thing is a bit much....With the situation in the North of Scotland due to the lack of funds, it seems as if someone ahould take a look at the Sign Budget. It's 'kinda' funny how people say well it is coming out of 'another' budget. Who pays for all the the people.
    As an 'outsider' I am not critisizing the people, but hopefully someone will have the Fortitude to question these issues.

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