Accused explanation was a tale about a dog court is told

IT looked like a fair cop... a man with his hand stuck in a car window late at night.
However, John Glover had a simple explanation for police officers, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
He had been passing the car in Duncan Street, Thurso, and heard a black dog barking inside it. He rescued the dog which ran away but his hand got caught in the partially-open window.
There was just a 'slight' flaw in Glover's imaginative tale...the owner of the car didn't have a dog. The story was "a complete nonsense".
Glover, 47, admitted having been at the car in suspicious circumstances that he intended to commit theft, on January 30 and resisting the police.
He could have saved himself the trouble of spinning the story, for fiscal Fraser Matheson added: "The car was open as the owner was intending to clean the vehicle."
To top it all, Glover remember nothing of what had happened. When advised he was being arrested, his demeanour changed and he resisted, lashing out with his legs at officers who had to fit handcuffs.
Glover, of 7 Castlegreen Court, Thurso, also admitted threatening or abusive behaviour at a house in Marr Terrace, Thurso, on March 28.
He was jailed for seven months by Sheriff Andrew Berry.