Tackling shoplifters could be a problem for shop assistants

A SHERIFF spoke today about the potential danger for shop assistants confronting shoplifters.
Sheriff Andrew Berry made the point that staff don't know what the reaction is going to be. He said that the thieves might be aggressive or violent and added: "The assistants should not have to deal with this."
The sheriff made his comments at Wick, when shoplifter Steven Bain, 33, appeared in the dock.
He was observed, stuffing items including clothing, a torch, and superglue into his jacket and trousers at The Original Factory Shop's Thurso branch, on December 27, last year.
Bain's behaviour was captured on the shop's CCTV system.
He was stopped leaving the shop and the items costing a total of 65 were recovered.
Bain, who owned up, pleaded guilty to the theft and also admitted a record.
Sheriff Berry said it would be tempting to look at the record and conclude that penalties imposed previously on Bain had not had the effect of discouraging him from re-offending.
However, the sheriff added that on the basis that there was some confidence that such an offence would not be repeated, a non-custodial sentence could be imposed.
Bain, of 8 Harbour Road, in the village of Lybster, was ordered to carry out 60 hours unpaid work in the community.