I have only lived in Caithness for less than a year and will soon be launching my boat (16ft Orkney Longliner, with 10 Hp Outboard), perhaps each time from the trailer but likely to be moored down at Gills Harbour. I'm keen to get to know and learn the quality sea-fishing grounds off Caithness, although i know there are no guarantees!

Just wondering if anyone out there with local knowledge, knows much about sea-angling in the Inner Sound, near Stroma/Gills and elsewhere off Caithness, for that matter? I believe Ling & Cod can be caught in the Inner sound but also understand Cod are more of a winter fish? Does anyone know the main seasons for different species, namely Mackerel (End May onwards???) Cod, Ling etc...also, best states of tide, good spots for each, best baits etc? No point in me targeting certain fish if they're not there, I suppose! I'm aware of the strong tidal rips in the Pentlands so will obviously be watching out for all that, from a safety point of view - will also be setting Lobster/Crab pots, hence why i'm keen to find good mackerel spots etc...i'm even happy enough to take boat back on trailer and launch elsewhere in Caithness, just to find good fishing and stock up for the freezer and for pot bait.

I apologise in advance, if this has been asked several times already!