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Thread: Spaceport Sutherland

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    Default Spaceport Sutherland

    Has anyone heard any more about the bid for building a spaceport in Sutherland for polar orbit satellite launches?

    The presentation I read does not say where exactly, Sutherland being a big place. It has the advantage that a rocket launched to the north would go over the sea - do that in Caithness and the Orcadians would have rocket bits raining on them every time something goes wrong. I'd say it's remote, but engineers get to Dounreay, and if they can get to space Aberdeen's not that far really.

    Anyway, the link is here:

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    I read somewhere that eight Military bases are being closed down in the UK in the next 16 years or so, and that some were being looked at for space rocket launching. Having grown up in the North of Scotland I doubt very much if any would be used as the wind is so strong and with the directional changes.
    I have been at Cape Canaveral, Florida for a rocket launch and there needs to be little wind and no cloud cover.
    There are very strict controls so I doubt anywhere in the North would be ideal........

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    They're looking at the Moine, out near Melness.

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    A feasibility study is the very first stage of procedure apart from the enthusiasm and speculation stage. I would hope it would bring offshoot communications links to the north of Scotland though. How long does a feasibility study take to gather though? Over a year now and it said it would be published in the summer of last year. Not feasible?
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