With the total HORLICK's in political elite have got us into the FAULT of Labour in 2014 . If labour had never got into bed with the TORIES in the Better Together lie fest , but stood on the sidelines and laid " let the people deside none of this would have happened. If Cameron was NOT allowed to move the goalposts at the last minute to swing the vote with false promises . The Tory Westminster government would have collapsed ,Labour would have taken over and Brexit would have never happened. Yes the Labour Party may have been instrumental in Scotlands independence but the UK would still be in Europe , so the mess we are in is down to LABOUR Why have they allowed their shortsighted " I'm alright Jeremy" group to put party before people .
Lossing Scotland from the UK may have been a blow but we're friends ,neighbours and family ,now it's all hell and its instigator is LABOUR . I'll never vote for them or any group that stands beside them .