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    Very disappointed in the services offered by BT, that and the fact that every other month they are raising their prices, I am thinking of going over to Plusnet, and wondered is anyone up here using Plusnet and if you do what do you think of them, looking for some feedback before taking the plunge.. thanks in advance

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    I am with PlusNet and as far as I am concerned they are the very best ISP. They were so good that I also changed my Phone over to them. My internet speed is between 35 to 40MB and the connection has never faltered since I joined them in August 2015. With my Phone I get Free Calls 24/7 and the total package, Phone and Internet, costs me 35 a Month. They also do Mobile Phone and TV with YouView. I might be looking into this sometime soon as it looks good.

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    Used Plusnet for a few years down south but since they were bought out by BT a few years ago the customer service went down hill. They still run independently of BT and I don't feel the supplied service was bad at all it was just when a problem did occur they were not as good at sorting as their original service was.
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    My BT contract has just expired, so I signed up with PlusNet. BT ran me a few days later and brought the price for next year down to match PlusNet. So stayed with BT as I couldn't be bothered switching all my email addresses. BT charge a fee to keep your BT email address.

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    John Lewis broadband uses PlusNet to provide internet services and are a lot cheaper than PlusNet and BT ... worth checking out.

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    I'm with SSE and I get free calls 24/7 and free fibre broadband all for the grand total of 24 per month.
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    sky are doing fibre for 11PCM getting 40Mb unlimited
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    Thanking everyone for their comments..checked out those recommended, Ie; John Lewis, etc but alas! to no avail
    Bt on the other hand have been most helpful even to the point of dropping my monthly charge of 52 to 42, so bottom line
    I am sticking with Bt until something better comes along,

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