"Full blown brawl upsetting spectacle for passers-by" said sheriff

A TRIO, who engaged in a "chaotic" brawl in a Wick street, were each ordered to carry out 72 hours of unpaid work.
The three were Leanne Gammie,37, of 56 Macrae Street, and Anna Mearns, 41,of 33 Cairndhuna Terrace, both Wick, and Jason Crompton, 42, of 6 Strathy House, Thurso, who all admitted a breach of the peace and records.
Wick Sheriff Court was told that the daytime disturbance in Macrae Street, Wick, on September 2, followed an earlier incident, in which a man - previously dealt with in court -approached the trio with a baseball bat. Someone intervened and prevented any further trouble.
However, it was the catalyst to the "full-blown" brawl involving the three accused whose conduct, involving shouting and swearing, was witnessed by passers-by.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said it was clear that "this unedifying spectacle, had been upsetting" for onlookers.
He cautioned the accused to behave should they meet up while carrying out their unpaid work.