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Thread: Grass Seed advice for new lawn (inc. 'Canada Green' seed - anyone tried it???)

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    Default Grass Seed advice for new lawn (inc. 'Canada Green' seed - anyone tried it???)


    Come May time, i hope to seed and establish a new lawn to rear of my house at Gills (Approx 1000 m2 in size, exposed area)...this lawn will eventually be used for my young kids (when they come of age) so something hard-wearing will need to be used - just wanted to ask (i'm sure it has been asked many times before!) if anyone has experience in these regions of decent hard-wearing grass seed (Brand name and where to buy would help) which works particularly well and withstands the climate up here? A friend mentioned to me (he's not from here) that 'Canada Green' is supposedly excellent hard-wearing seed and also presentable but expensive - if anyone has tried it, would like to hear your opinions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Interested in this also.
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