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Thread: Twenty three months sentence

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    Default Twenty three months sentence

    Bungling burglar "a complete failure" as a criminal

    ONE of two bungling burglars who took part in an armed attempted robbery in Thurso, has been jailed for twenty three months.
    Thomas Deighan, 23 was accompanied by 27-year-old Damon Mackay when they entered the Empire Chinese Takeaway, in Thurso, and demanded money. But the owner, Soon Chal, stood up to the pair who were masked and were carrying knives and chased them down the street. Deighan, of 4 Lord Thurso Court, Thurso slipped on the frosty pavement and was arrested by the pursuing police and Mackay was traced later.
    The pair had earlier triggered an alarm when they put a brick through the window of The Well Pharmacy. But they continued helping themselves to boxes of diazepam and diamorphine unaware they were being filmed by CCTV. and were seen running away. The boxes which they abandoned in their haste revealed finger prints of both accused.
    Both accused previously pleaded guilty on indictment to the offences which occurred between January 15 and 17 last year. However, Mackay of 39 Leith Walk, was missing from the dock when the case was called yesterday.
    The police search for him was continuing, the court was told yesterday.
    Deighan's solicitor, George Mathers said that the accused was high on a cocktail of alcohol and valium, at the time.
    Mr Mathers said: "When sober, Deighan is not unintelligent but is stupid when he is intoxicated."
    The solicitor described the offences as "remarkable in their lack of sophistication" and added that "as a criminal Deighan was a complete failure".
    Sheriff Andrew Berry said he regarded the offences a being very serious particularly the one in which both men wore masks and carried a knife, "an unusual occurrence in this part of the world".
    The sheriff added that some degree of pre-planning was involved in the crimes however hapless these were and added: "They didn't happen at a moment's notice however chaotic they were."
    Sheriff Berry told Deighan that he had originally considered a substantially heavier sentence.
    The knives were ordered to be forfeit.
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