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Thread: Police taking control over fire brigades.

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    Default Police taking control over fire brigades.

    The police will be taking control of fire brigades in England as a cost cutting exercise, regardless if fire fighting standards are maintained or not.

    The knock on effects will be felt in Scotland. Since the block grant for Scotland is calculated directly from spending per person in England there will limited options that the government of Scotland can do to maintain standards in Scotland.

    1) Make changes within the police and fire organisations that are the same in England.

    2) Raise taxes to counter balance the deficit in the block grant.

    3) Make cost savings in other areas like education and health to make up the deficit in the block grant.

    Which is the most palatable for Scottish voters and do you think it is right that the Westminster government should have such an influential impact on Scotland?
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    Don't you have another referendum coming...So says Salmond..

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