Accused said to have learned her lesson

A WICK woman who flouted a bail condition, has been admonished by a sheriff. Janet Goodbrand, 57, admitted the breach and a record at Wick Sheriff Court, yesterday

It was stated she called at the home of Carol Cowie at her home in Bayview Terrace, Thurso, on January 9 whom she was banned from seeing. Fiscal Geoff Main said that Ms Cowie appeared to be "quite happy" for Goodbrand to be in her company but it was nevertheless a breach of bail.

Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said Goodbrand, of 1 St John's House, Thurso, was aware of the potential consequences of disobeying a court order and that the breach had been "a salutary lesson".

Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a background report, said that the accused had simply done what she had been told not to do. Goodbrand is currently on a good behaviour bond for an unrelated offence.