Driver was swerving and weaving over the road

A DRIVER was so concerned about another motorist's erratic behaviour that he phone the police.
It led to George Douglas, 75, being charged with careless driving.
He pleaded guilty at Wick Sheriff Court and was fined 100 and incurred three penalty points.
The court heard that the driver travelling behind Douglas observed him weaving about between the centre line and the verge on the A836 Thurso-Castletown road, on October 18.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that at one point, Douglas swerved hard to the left towards a grass verge before before moving back onto his right side to continue his journey.
When seen by the police, the accused readily admitted he was to blame and and explained that his erratic driving might have been due to the fact that his mobile phone had gone off - there was no suggestion he had answered it - and it might have distracted him.
Douglas, of 1 Seaforth Place, Dunnet, was fined 100 and incurred three penalty points.
He was described as having "an impeccable" driving record.