I set questions for a quiz at a pub a few years back but I have lost the answers. Can anyone help me out please?

The Caithness place quiz. Who can get them all?

1. The original sterilising fluid
2. Fish need them.
3. A cardinal is into a snog
4. Sounds like it is upright and motionless.
5. Wrecks if sliced and diced
6. Aged in olden speak, we hear?
7. The place with a large defensive structure?
8. Part of a candle
9. Near Loth? About 37 miles!
10. An area to see where the sun sets?
11. Clarets mixed there.
12. Topsy turvy newt at water
13. Haters mix on the Thurso to Wick road
14. Bad terms thru this place
15. This town can hurt so badly