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Thread: Royal Bank of Scotland.

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    Default Royal Bank of Scotland.

    RBS is waiting for a massive fine from the United States Government Department of Justice.
    It is said that if it is in the region of 10 Billion, there will be drinks all around,
    and the share price will go up.
    That is 10 thousand million pounds. Can u imagine!
    The Royal Bank of Scotland is still 73% owned by the U.K. government and is years away from paying their debts off, if they ever will.
    Kinda funny really....The Scots have such a Good Name around the World, and altho' this has nothing to do with the Scottish race, it is a slap in our faces...those of us who are proud to be Scots.
    RBS was one of the worst offenders in the financial crisis of 2008/9.
    And to throw it in our faces once again, it is said that RBS has the potential to make 1 Billion per 3 months. Where does that money come from?...US THE CUSTOMERS.
    FYI......on the Monday morning after the New Year at 11.15am the Senior Exexutives of these massive Corporations had made more money, that the average person makes in a year.
    Go chew on that!

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    Since when was Scottish a race?

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    'Scuse moi,
    National, Cultural identity......

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