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Thread: One that didn't get away!

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    Default One that didn't get away!

    Roof man was trying to break into fishing tackle shop

    A WORKMAN hammering on the roof of a fishing tackle shop told a suspicious bystander that he was doing a job for BT.

    However, Kristofer Davies was "shooting a line"....he was trying to break into the premises.The bystander thought it was a bit fishy and contacted the police who apprehended Davies.

    He admitted trying to break into the shop which also caters for gun enthusiasts and was jailed for eight months.

    Wick Sheriff Court was told that Davies, 29, had parked his van near the shop owned by Hugo Steven. Although the building fronts onto the town's High Street its flat roof is hidden from street level. Davies parked his van further along the street, walked up a lane and gained access by climbing over a wall at the rear.

    Once on the roof, he began hammering on the sides of the skylight believing the noise would be masked by early evening traffic passing below.

    However, an employee working late in an office, said fiscal Fraser Matheson, heard the noise and thought that "something untoward might be happening." The worker traced the noise to the roof where he found Davies still hammering.

    Said Mr Matheson: "The worker challenged him as to why he was on the roof and Davies replied: "I am working with BT, mate". The worker told him to get off the roof and the accused ran off."

    The police were contacted and recovered the hammer which was subjected to a DNA test. The prints revealed a match with Davies and he was identified by the office worker from a police file photo.

    Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan said that Davies, of 15 Kerby Close, Bilston, West Midlands, had been working in Caithness at the time and earning a good salary but had since moved to a gas engineering job in England which would be in jeopardy if he went to jail.

    She said: "He is not proud of what he did and recognises he is in a very difficult position." Miss MacLennan added that Davies had stayed out of trouble during the past year in a bid to break away from his criminal offending.

    Sheriff Andrew Berry said that much of the accused's record were for crimes of dishonesty and included a three-year jail sentence for robbery.

    The sheriff added that Davies had not simply stumbled on the shop and "happened to have a hammer with him" and also had a vehicle parked nearby.". "This offence was premeditated and prison is the only option" added Sheriff Berry.
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