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Thread: Compost tumbler

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    Post Compost tumbler

    Hello everyone,

    Yesterday i was around my friendís house checking out her famous beautiful back garden and she has a compost tumbler. At first I wasnít sure what it was or what it was for so I had to ask. These compost tumblers are of genius design especially if youíre in the later times in life and find heavy lifting/heavy stirring hard work, no more using a stick to mix around all your compost in your home made compost heap. The compost tumblers come with an arm on the side which is light and easy to rotate which makes the stirring a lot easier, just brilliant. At home I have a D.I.Y wooden box that is length 3m, width 1m and the height is 1m, you could imagine how much of a hard work/nightmare that is to mix up in the earlier stages to keep it as even and fluffy as possible. Now i have seen my friends compost tumbler i want to get one so i can play with the different types of composting that i make to make the best possible compost. I have been searching online for compost tumblers and i have come across quite a few but i'm not sure which is a good brand, my friend said that hers wasn't the best and there are more expensive better quality tumblers out there. Or even make my own at home if anyone has a step by step...????

    Any information on a good compost tumbler brand would be great guys

    Thanks guys

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    I have found a great video on YouTube on how to make a compost tumbler here is the link below

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