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Thread: caithness music scene

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    If a band want a gig, go and ask somewhere, there simple, thats all it takes,

    Then again, many bands dont want to do that, some gig sporadically, some a lot, some never,

    we all like differant things, some see it as a future, some see it as a hobby, some js see it as a laugh, we all see it in differant ways

    the music scene to me, well, im going to say this as it is, if i didnt play in bands, i probably wouldnt care, all i care about is that if i feel like i wanna play a gig, i can go and get one, thats it, thats all, right now im having enuff fun with my spidey costume, but again, that shows my opinion, it isnt the be all and end all of what i do,

    im delighted im awesome at what i do, and every week im jamming somewhere, maybe not gigging, but constantly jamming, i look on it as a routine sorta thing, i love to jam, and on a week to week basis, i know i will be able to, play a gig here and there, get many a compliment, boost my massive ego a bit more, its all good

    If young bands want a gig, thats all they need to do, when silverstone left school they got a couple of gigs easily enuff, then we went our seperate ways (life got in the way. anyways, it was js a high school band, well, thats how i look at it now, marilyn manson can only be played in so many places, haha) Grannpa Duke were all made up of high school going guys, but started gigging outwith the high school, only played there as we could cause of our age, the duke were a pub band, we were all teenagers then but thats what we did, wanst hard, organised our own gigs at the start of it, easy enuff it was then too, and just as easy now, unless of course you start organising events, ive been there, done that, worn the t-shirt, but im talking about bands getting their own gigs, the event thing is something else entirely

    if i want a gig somewhere, i js go in and ask, unless im asked first, thats all it takes, then again i can play in excess of 3 - 4+ hours

    still though, not hard..........
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