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Thread: Free pallets.

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    Default Free pallets.

    Why don't the organisers collect them for the end of gala bonfire at Wick riverside on Saturday night?
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    Do I need to see anyone specific if i call in today for some of the pallets?

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    Please don't burn them! Wick Allotment Association are needing some pallets for compost bins and a bug hotel for the Public Wildlife Garden.

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    They have been trying to get rid of them for weeks but not enough are being collected. They need the space for more arriving.

    Some will be going on the bonfire on Saturday.

    Check at the entry gate for permission.

    They are free but must be uplifted so you need a trailer or truck.

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    Sorry to say this but if they've been trying to get rid of them for weeks why did they not make this public weeks ago?
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    The local quarrys pay up to 1.30 a pallet depending if it's basic or euro ect

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