Recently I had some problems with records, the information was missing, i use and normally if information was changed there would be a link for the RCE or a note in the record on the left hand side. Sometimes this isn't the case because technically the record is not being changed, instead it is new information being added. There might be a very small note (sometimes in pencil so very faint) that says See Schedule D or H etc. There are two copies made of each record, one is kept locally and one gets sent to New Register House, now in my case the copy i had downloaded was the version held in New Register House and because they didn't have the technology to scan the version in Aberdeen and send it down to replace it this note gets added instead. I was pleased to find out that the copy in Aberdeen has all the info that was missing. I thought this info would be helpful to others and here is a link to a page that explains the new system and what the different schedules are used for. Every little thing on these records are valuable clues.