Bet that after the election some councils will be merged, as swinny hinted earlier this week and Sturgeon also said earlier this week she would “not rule anything out” when asked if a review of local government structure would involve cutting the number of councils. So expect to see Moray absorbed into HIghlands, East Dunbartonshire into Glasgow or East Renfrewshire, Angus into Dundee sucking power and jobs out of local communities through this constant drive towards central control. SNP have done it with police fire and parts of NHS. Why ? cost savings thats the real reason, its always the economy and we dont look to good going forwards, so keeping tax at status quo ( minor top earner adjustments ) maintaining freebies will be part paid for by savings from centralisation, its either that or cut freebies / raise taxes as you cant square the circle, or can anyone throw light on the drive for centralisation, cos its usually to make costs savings avoid duplication etc.