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Thread: Gallietch etc

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    Default Gallietch etc

    Do you think these are all the same family. I can't find a record of marriage of Thomas and Isabella, various spellings doesn't help

    IGI has Thomas Galleitch and Christina/Christian Johnston
    W._W Galleitch

    1841 Carsgo, Thurso
    Thomas Golitch 45 Ag Lab & Miller born England
    Christiana 40
    Robert 9
    Margaret 11 born England
    William 3
    Georgeina 2m

    Christina Gallach d in Angus 1849

    1851 Dale, Halkirk
    Thomas Galeech Head 55 Miller England - Liverpool
    Isabella Wife 33 Midlothian - Edinburgh
    Willm Son 13 Scholar Thurso
    Georgeina Dau 10 Scholar Thurso
    Elizabeth Munro Stpdau 10 Scholar Westerdale

    1861 Dale, Halkirk
    Isabella Galeach Head 46 Farm Servant Midlothian - Edinburgh City
    Elisabeth Munro Dau 20 Farm Servant Halkirk
    Christina Galeach Dau 8 Halkirk
    Thomas Galeach Son 7 Halkirk
    Isabella Munro Dau 3 Halkirk

    Georgeina Gouleitch age 20 b Thurso is a dairymaid at Ha of Durran, Olrig

    1871 Achalure Halkirk
    Elisabeth Munro Head 29 General Servant Domestic Halkirk
    David Munro Son 7 Scholar Watten
    Alexander Munro Son 4 Halkirk
    Donald Munro Son 1 Halkirk
    John Munro Son 1 Halkirk
    Christina Golliech Sister 18 Farm Servant (Out Of Employ) Halkirk
    James Golliech Son 1 Halkirk
    Thomas Golliech Brothr 16 Shepherd Halkirk
    Isabella Golliech Mother 50 Pauper Edinburgh mother of Elisabeth Munro

    1881 Halkirk, with McLeod family
    Bell Golitch Ma-Law 68 Pauper Midlothian - Edin
    Christina Grndau 6 Scholar Caithness - Halkirk

    William Waters m Christina Golitch in Olrig in 1879

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    I have been transcribing for FREECEN and FREEREG Caithness for the past 15 years and I would say that this is the same family. You have to remember that not all the scribes were 100% literate so often names were written as they sounded. Also, hand writing was very variable and the transcriber also has to cope with faded and damaged original documents.


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    This is consistent with what I know of the family (I am Thomas's g-g-g-grandson, or thereabouts!) In addition it explains why we are so rare in the records - apparently none of us could spell!

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