Once upon a time in a county far away from his present home, lived a boy.
He was a very ordinary boy, but the place he lived in was not – and so his time there graved onto his memory like the grooves on a record.

This is a memoir of his life there.

Everything in it happened.

The people in it are also real though most names have been changed for obvious reasons. Some people’s names have not been changed because they were wonderful and I would not change a single syllable for worlds.

If you think you see yourself there, your parents, or grandparents then be aware that it is not necessarily so – it could be just a connection in your head; or not.

The opinions are mine and only that, but there are no fibs.

This was my life, my world and these are my memories. To me it is worth setting down and for a slab of life, worth a few quid; you may disagree.

If however, you have a mind to read them, then here is a link.