I'm going to start a thread on fungi, mainly regarding edible wild mushrooms but there will be other stuff thrown in as well.

A couple of things to say before I start.

Firstly, and most importantly, DO NOT rely on anything posted here to identify mushrooms for consumption. There are mushrooms out there that will kill you or leave you requiring organ transplant(s) if eaten. There are others that will make you very ill. Some are hallucinogenic. Some just taste terrible. Others are very tasty, but we will get to that. I would note that photos can be very misleading when it comes to identification.

Secondly, I apologise in advance that most of my posts won't be of mushrooms sighted or collected in Caithness - for the simple reason I don't live there any more. However, the majority of mushrooms found in the UK can be found in Caithness, although there are some mushrooms that thrive in the far north and others that are scarce. I do go back to Caithness often though and I will post pictures from there when I can.