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Thread: Caithness mobile phone mast map

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    Default Caithness mobile phone mast map

    I have made a map of Caithness mobile phone masts. It isn't complete but covers a D shaped area of the A9 and coast to the East. You can turn on and off the different providers in the menu. The markers are colour coded by provider.

    Is this of interest to anyone but me?

    Data is from the Ofcom map but that doesn't give much of an idea of coverage since you can't view the masts zoomed out. I don't know if the EE masts (T-Mobile and Orange) have been rationalised.

    Use a phone app like "Network Signal Info" (Android) to see what cell ID you are connected to.
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    This is complete for Caithness now and goes along the north coast as far as Melvich.

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    Genuinely curious, what's your reasoning behind doing something like this?

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    Caithness stone is an excellent barrier to mobile phone signals. It can be useful to know where masts are especially if you live in an old house.

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    That would be useful if you are wanting to buy a new phone and we're looking for the best coverage. I thought it was interesting

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    Good bit of info, thanks for taking the time to do it, now I'm going to find out why my signals so poor with me being less than 1km (direct line of sight, no obstruction) to the O2 Nybster tower, I'm on Tesco but it's the same network.

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    Thank you eipi for providing this map. I know a lot of people will not agree with me but I worry about the health risks from living near power lines and phone masts. I've read before that the electro-magnetic fields around power lines and microwave signals around phone masts can be a problem for some of us, especially if you live within about 200 metres of either.

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    Glad it's been of some interest. One problem is the Ofcom website still lists Orange transmitters and now O2 is buying EE or is it 3 I can't even remember...

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    forgot the one at Newport Berriedale on the hill

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    Thanks for spotting that. Didn't go down the coast far enough. Any others I've missed?

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