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Thread: Fox Hunting

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    Should the SNP vote against Tory plans to re-introduce fox hunting in England, something which is on David Cameron's agenda, only so far they are saying that they will not (as it only affects English foxes, unless one is chased across the border, of course!) and there is a petition on the go, posted by an SNP supporter to put pressure on the party to change their mind.

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    I don't thinK that The SNP have said that they will abstain or that they will vote against his suggested bill. Both Angus Robertson and Nicola Sturgeon I think have said they will wait to see the bill as proposed before they make a decision. Remember Parliament is not in session yet, the bill has been suggested and talked about in the press but there is no detail. How do you decide how to respond to anything until you have seen it. Suppose they announced now that they would abstain and then found that it contained a clause which pertained to Scotland and had to change their mind.

    It's definitely an interesting conundrum though. If it is purely an English issue shoud they vote? It's devolved in Scotland so it's not going to affect us, however it is a strong emotional issue for many and the anti hunt lobby will want as much support as possible. In addition the MPS themselves may have a strong personal opinion on the subject of hunting. There has been much talk of introducing EVEL and this is the reality of it I guess. New territory

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