Heated discussion on historic battle triggered further ill feeling

AN historic Second World War battle triggered a disagreement between two men at a sheltered housing complex in Wick.
It happened when Morris Macleod paid a visit to his former home, Caberfeidh Court.
He got involved in an argument with resident Alexander Robertson, 50, over the Battle of Stalingrad and things "rather got out of hand" Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
The ill-feeling spilled over into the following day when the pair met at the complex, again, and they again fell out, this time over a remark alleged to have been made by Mr Macleod.
Robertson, of 9 Caberfeidh Court, admitted abusive behaviour during the second disagreement, on New Year's Day, and was given six months to demonstate there would be no further trouble. He shouted and swore at Mr Macleod.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Mr Macleod was alleged to have been abusive towards Robertson regarding his mother who had been deceased for a number of years. It upset the accused, who had "lost his temper". Robertson deeply regretted his behaviour.
Replying to Sheriff Andrew Berry, Miss Macdonald said she didn't have any details about the Battle of Staligrad.
Commented fiscal David Barclay: "I believe Russia won, my lord".
The sheriff advised Robertson: "If there is any disagreement between the two of you again, go back inside and close the door".
The battle, described as one of the greatest conflicts of the Second World War, represented the successful defence of Stalingrad and is regarded as the turning point in the war.