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Thread: Tai Chi & Pilates?!

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    Default Tai Chi & Pilates?!

    Hi guyz. Wonder if anyone can help?! I live near Thurso and would dearly love to start attending Tai Chi & Pilates classes. Would anyone happen to know if either of these is being held locally? Also, if there's someone experienced out there, perhaps they can point me in the right direction of good self teach books and/or DVDs?! Cheers

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    Tai Chi isn't something that can be learnt correctly from a book, I studied with the John Hine Tai Chi School prior to moving to Caithness and they are now producing a dvd and book which I can recommend but is no substitute for a proper instructor.
    I've heard theres a guy from the sport centre in Thurso doing classes in the college just now.
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    Default Tai Chi


    I used to go to Tai Chi up at the College twice a week. It's a guy called John that lifeguards at Thurso Swimming pool that takes it. If i remember correctly he held 2 sessions a year. I'm sure if you phoned the college they might be able to tell you when his classes are cos i know he still does them.

    Classes by Fiona Harper in Assembly Rooms, Wick
    Combat Aerobics - Yoga Pilates - Body Sculpting
    Monday 6-7pm body sculpting (toning)
    Tuesday 6.30-8pm yoga/pilates
    Wednesday 6-7pm combat aerobics
    Tel 01955 603180 or 07810 104881

    Hope that helps.

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    Thats one thing I loved about moving to where I am now, so many classes on stuff. My wife did Tai Chi over here for a while, she has a few books, one is really good and was written by a Professor of Purdue University in Indiana.

    Since moving here I have done a lot of Aikido, if you ever here of anyone doing classes on that, go, it is so awesome, its very spiritual compared to a lot of your kung fu stuff and probably is really like a mixture of Judo, Jujitsu and Japanese swordsmanship, it teaches to disipline your life and harmonise yourself with peace and avoid conflict.

    I found the book on Tai Chi i have, its excellent..

    THE ESSENCE OF TAI CHI CHI KUNG (Health and Martial Arts) by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

    YMAA PUBLICATION - ISBN: 0-940871-10-6

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    Thanks everyone, that's really helpful

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