Maybe sung to Galway Bay...

SinclairBay by JC c.1950

Ifyou ever come across the Ord to Caithness
Andsurely you will come this way some day
Youwill throw away for e'er your other address
AsI did when first I saw Sinclair Bay.

Andnow my heart beats faster and rejoices
Towatch the barefoot boyags at their play
Orto hear once more the lilting Poltney voices
Andsee again the Scorries o'er Wick Bay.

Forwe do not want to cross the sea to Ireland
FromEngland we fain would stay away
Andsince they wont remember us in London
Thenin our own dear Caithness let us stay.

Andif there's no new industries hereafter
Andmaybe at this moment no MP
We'llgive thanks to God for then 'twill be like heaven
WhereOld Wick water ripples to the sea.

Butif some day I cross the Ord from Caithness
Andin some distant city there must dwell
Iwill treasure in my heart, and keep it fragrant
Themem'ry of a people I love well.