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Thread: The Power of Song by Caithness Violinist c. 1942

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    Default The Power of Song by Caithness Violinist c. 1942

    ThePower of Song by Caithness Violinist.
    1. 1942

    When times are bad and friends are few
    An' life seems filled with cares for you
    Tak' my advice when things go wrang
    Lift up yer hert an' sing a sang.

    The power of song when sweetly sung
    Is balm to heart that's weary
    And friendship's bells when sweetly rung
    Aye keep a cronie cheery.

    The world is full enough of woes
    With troubles here in numbers
    But while we sing the music flows
    They cant disturb our slumbers

    So tak' the line that least resists
    In weighing up the chances
    Against the pugilistic fists
    In all her roonds o' dances.

    For ye an' me an' a' the rest
    Wha keep this auld world living
    There'smuch to lift us to life's crest
    The rest we'll be forgiving.
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    Trinkie, how interesting that you post this, as I arrived at this site hoping to find others who just might know something of Robert MacKay, the Caithness Violinist...and my 2xgr uncle. While recently back in Caithness I was able to obtain his obituary from the paper in Wick, but no one could lay hands on any of his work. Though many people remembered his poem "E Midgie". Since returning home to Canada I found that there is a book published by Sandy Gunn called "poems of the Caithness Violinist". I would dearly love to buy a copy of this book if anyone knows how I can find it. My Grandfather James Swanson who passed away some twenty years ago now knew many of his uncles works, but while I listened to him recite then with delight I never thought to write them down. I used to be in contact with Robert MacKay's daughter Chrissy who lived in Tasmania by email back in the early 2000's...but one day the emails stopped, and I feared she had fallen ill, and I moved and we lost touch. Anyone who can provide me with information on Robert MacKay, please contact me. Also anyone who might know Sandy Gunn, and how I might get a copy of his book on Robert MacKay please contact me also.

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