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Thread: [DISCUSSION] Whats the best games within their Genre?

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    Cool [DISCUSSION] Whats the best games within their Genre?

    I like certain games and i judge before i even play them, now because if this im left playing one thing from each genre
    • [RPG] Skyrim, Minecraft
    • [MMO] GuildWars2
    • [ADVENTURE] The Binding of Issac
    • [SHOOTERS] Black Ops (only Treyarch)
    • [MOBILE] Clash of Clans
    What else is worth a play? and you cant put down?
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    Video games ruined my life... Luckily I have 2 lives left!

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    MMO - World of Warcraft

    Shooter - Borderlands 2

    MOBA - Heroes of the Storm

    Adventure - Grim Fandango

    Puzzle - Puyo Puyo

    Fighter - Marvel vs Capcom 2

    Strategy - Planetary Annihilation / X-Com

    Mobile - who cares?

    RPG - there is no such thing in videogames, only adventure games. Favourite actual RPG (pen and paper) is World of Darkness by White Wolf.
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    MMO - Eve Online

    Shooter - CoD:MW2

    Adventure - Ico / Shadow of the Colossus

    Puzzle - Portal

    Fighter - Street Fighter 4

    Strategy - Fire Emblem Awakening

    Mobile - Monument Valley

    RPG - Final Fantasy X

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